PM(Polarization-maintaining)optical fiber types and splicing solution- Shinho S-12PM

PM(Polarization-maintaining)optical fiber types and splicing solution- Shinho S-12PM

  • 2021-08-20

     Before 1980, it was very difficult to control the polarization state in optical fibers to reduce the mode dispersion caused by polarization. After decades of development, driven by the increasingly mature polarization-maintaining fiber technology in the United States, Japan and Europe.The global polarization-maintaining fiber technology is developing rapidly.And the polarization-maintaining fiber products in China are also being continuously optimized and innovated.

     Polarization-maintaining fibers are classified according to their structures : Panda, Bow-Tie(also known as butterfly type), Elliptical Cladding, Elliptical Core, flat Cladding, edge groove/edge tunnel  and torsion polarity-maintaining fiber, etc.

     According to the birefringence coefficient, it can be divided into high birefringence fiber (B~10-4) and low birefringence fiber (B~10-9). No matter high or low birefringence, there are many types of technical solutions.

     As the types and application scenarios of optical fibers become more and more diversified. More and more optoelectronic components are made of optical fibers. During the fabrication of optoelectronic components, the connection point loss, temperature control and extinction ratio of optical fibers have a great impact on the parameters and working stability of devices.
Therefore, it is very important to choose an appropriate Fusion Splicer.The Shinho S-12PM Fusion Splicer is well received in the market for its superior weld loss and extinction ratio, stable weld quality, and fast Splcing time. We look forward to working with our customers to meet the new challenges in fiber optic applications and help them explore the infinite possibilities of fiber optic applications.

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